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Commercial / Industrial
These Commercial / Industrial dehumidifiers are the highest capacity we offer. These powerful, yet versital units are built to serve the demands of industry for environmental control of very large areas as well as areas with severe conditions.
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Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier
The Ebac CD60 is a versatile workhorse designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh environments. Warehouses, storerooms, electrical & communications switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs and active and laid up marine vessels have all found this rugged unit to be equal to the task. The impressive CD60 can be easily moved from site to site or can be permanently mounted and ducted to suit a variety of applications.
Capacity: 56 pints/day @ AHAM - Free Standing / Semi-Portable
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MFG#: CD60
PPD AHAM: 56 Pints/day
PPD Max: 120 pints/day
Amp Draw: 7
CFM: 360
Pump: Included
Humidistat: Included
Duct Collars: n/a
In Stock
HI-E Dry 100 Dehumidifier (4029730)
The HI-E DRY 100 removes 6.8 pints of water per kilowatt hour at 80°F and 60% RH (106 pints/day), while the industry average remains at only two to three pints. The high-efficiency design of the HI-E DRY 100 offers more than just dramatically reduced utility costs. *Includes built-in pump & warranty covers commercial applications. Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4029730
PPD AHAM: 106 Pints/day
PPD Max: 172 Pints/day
Amp Draw: 7 Amps
CFM: 255
Pump: Included
Humidistat: Included
Duct Collars: Optional
In Stock
Ebac Orion Dehumidifier
This remarkable dehumidifier is a truly impressive drying machine designed with the professional restorer in mind.
Capacity: 105 pints/day @ AHAM - Portable
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MFG#: Orion
PPD AHAM: 105 pints/day
PPD Max: 224 pints/day
Amp Draw: 8 Amps
CFM: 530
Pump: Included
Humidistat: Optional
Duct Collars: Optional
In Stock
HI-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier (4030060)
The HI-E DRY model 195 removes over 183 pints of water a day (80°F 60% RH) while drawing only twelve amps of electricity. The HI-E DRY 195 plugs into a 115 volt 15 amp outlet, and provides all the humidity control necessary for a 440 square foot pool. (82°F Air Temp., 80°F Water Temp. 60% Relative Humidity).
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MFG#: 4030060
PPD AHAM: 183 Pints/day
PPD Max: 312 Pints/day
Amp Draw: 12 Amps
CFM: 540
Pump: Included
Humidistat: Included
Duct Collars: Optional
In Stock
HI-E Dry Vehere Dehumidifier (4030050)
The Vehere unit can provide airflows up to 540 cubic feet per minute of odor-free, dryair. The Vehere can also remove over 192 pounds of water per day. Our compact refrigeration system uses less refrigerant, reducing your initial cost while improving reliability. Vehere draws less than 12 amps of electricity ensuring low annual operating cost.
Capacity: Up to 192 Pounds of Water a Day
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900

This ensures the use of a standard 20 Amp electrical outlet and LOW OPERATING COSTS!  [More...]
MFG#: 4030050
PPD AHAM: 185 Pints/day
Amp Draw: 12 Amps
CFM: 510
Pump: Optional
Humidistat: Included
Duct Collars: Included - 12"
In Stock
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