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Fiberglass Furnace Filters & Air Conditioner Filters

Most commonly called "throwaway filters", these are the fiberglass weave or "hog hair" filters that are designed meet the minimum requirements of protecting your air handler (furnace or Air Conditioner) and its components.

Pleated Furnace Filters & Air Conditioner Filters

The pleated filter is for those wanting to step up from a basic furnace filter. Pleated filters offer better protection against dust and other airborne particulate. This filter goes beyond protecting your HVAC equipment and helps clean the indoor environment. IAQSOURCE.COM offers a great selection of pleated filters with efficiency ratings ranging from MERV 7 through MERV 12.

Permanent Washable Furnace Filters & Air Conditioner Filters

Our permanent, washable filters can be rinsed out and used again and again.

Return Grille Furnace Filters

These special filters are designed to fit in filter grilles found on the return air ducts in your home. They provide better filtration, longer useful life, and less strain on HVAC equipment than standard 1" filters.

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