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This category contains the ductwork and exterior vents used to exhaust your fan. Choose from smooth, rigid ductwork as well as insulated and non-insulated flexible ductwork. Also see our selection of roof caps, wall caps and louvers, and soffit vents.


The grille is the part of the exhaust system you see on the inside of your home. A ceiling or wall grille is a necessary component of an inline fan exhaust system. We have grilles to match the style/decor of any bathroom. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR INLINE FAN GRILLES VIDEO


Don't settle for a boring on/off fan switch. This category contains multi-function switches, timers, speed controls, and motion sensors. We offer most switches in either a white or ivory finish!
Click here to learn more about fan switches

Passive Inlets

The installation of a passive inlet is an inexpensive way to introduce fresh air from the outdoors and provide make-up air for mechanical ventilation systems.

Backdraft Dampers

Prevent outside air from entering your home through ventilation ducts.

Roof Caps

Exhaust stale, humid air through your roof. 4" - 10" caps available