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Aprilaire 600/600A/600M Humidifier
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Aprilaire #35 Water Panel Evaporator, 2-Pack
(case of 2 Water Panels)
Original Factory Replacement Water Panel Evaporator for Aprilaire Humidifier Models 350, 360, 560, 560A, 568, 600, 700, 760, 760A & 768  [More...]
MFG#: 35
In Stock
(case of 2)
Suggested: $39.98
You Save: $20.03
Replacement Water Panel for Whole House Humidifiers - 2-Pack
(case of 2 Water Panels)
Whole house humidifier filter aftermarket for large bypass and fan powered models (AKA water panel, water pad, evaporator pad). Universal replacement for many brands and models. Approximately 10" W X 13" H X 1-1/2".  [More...]
MFG#: A35-PR
In Stock
(case of 2)
Suggested: $39.98
You Save: $25.10
Aprilaire #56 Humidistat
The Aprilaire Auto Trac humidifier contro: computer-equipped, completely automated, never needs manual adjustments.  [More...]
MFG#: 56
In Stock
Aprilaire #4004 In-Line Strainer
The In-Line Strainer is a small device designed to keep debris from entering the solenoid valve and should be checked annually for the build-up of minerals and grit.  [More...]
MFG#: 4004
In Stock
Aprilaire #50 Current Sensing Relay
The Aprilaire #50 current sensing relay simplifies humidifier installation on furnaces without accessory terminals.  [More...]
MFG#: 50
In Stock
Aprilaire #4040 Solenoid
Replacement solenoid for Aprilaire humidifier. (24 volt)
Humidifier includes inlet compression nut and washer.  [More...]
MFG#: 4040
In Stock
Suggested: $78.40
You Save: $23.45
Aprilaire #4330 Scale Control Insert
This is the "U" shaped component which encases the Water Panel Evaporator.  [More...]
MFG#: 4330
In Stock
Aprilaire #4331 Water Distribution Tray
The water distribution tray attaches to the "U" shaped scale control insert and distribute water evenly to all portions of the evaporative panel.  [More...]
MFG#: 4331
In Stock
Aprilaire #4223 Drain Spud
The Drain Spud attaches to the base of the humidifier and allows you to connect a 1/2" drain hose.  [More...]
MFG#: 4223
In Stock
Aprilaire #4231 Yellow Orifice
The Yellow Orifice regulates the water flow into the humidifier.  [More...]
MFG#: 4231
In Stock
Aprilaire #4010 Transformer
The Aprilaire 4010 Transformer converts 110 volts to 24 volts required by your humidifier.  [More...]
MFG#: 4010
In Stock
Aprilaire #4335 Feed Tube with Compressor Sleeve
This is the water feed tube inside the humidifier, which connects the solenoid valve to the water distribution tray.  [More...]
MFG#: 4335
In Stock
Aprilaire #4655 Humidistat
The Aprilaire #4655 is a low voltage humidistat designed to control humidification equipment. The 4655 replaces the older #4016 humidistat with new styling.  [More...]
MFG#: 4655
In Stock
Suggested: $49.95
You Save: $14.69
Aprilaire #4332 Damper Assembly for Bypass Humidifiers
Aprilaire #4332 Damper Assembly includes damper blade, spring, and knob.  [More...]
MFG#: 4332
In Stock
Honeywell TrueIAQ Digital Humidistat, Dehumidistat, Fresh Air Control
TrueIAQ Digital IAQ Control. Integrate control of your home's humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and even bathroom fans into a single device with Honeywell's TrueIAQT Control.  [More...]
In Stock
Suggested: $241.50
You Save: $104.91
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