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Air Quaility

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Air Cleaners

Whole house air cleaners are installed directly on the central forced air heating/cooling system of home. These air cleaners can mount in any position in the return air duct, usually next to the furnace blower compartment. IAQSOURCE.COM also offers portable air cleaners, which can be moved from room to room and are normally used to clean air in small spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. You will also find replacement filters for both whole house and portable air cleaners on our site.

Bath & Exhaust Fans

Good bathroom ventilation is suggested to avoid moisture and excess build-up from biological pollutants such as mold and mildew. Excess pollutants are not only detrimental to your health, but can also lead to the deterioration of structure supports and walls. As the trend to larger spa-like bathrooms continues to gain in popularity, the need for proper ventilation becomes more important. IAQSOURCE offers traditional, ceiling mount bath fans as well as inline bath fans and kits.

UV Duct Lamps

Ultraviolet lamps can be easily added to an existing forced air system. Lamps can be installed either in the main supply or return duct of a central heating or air system. The germicidal effects of UV light cause photochemical damage to DNA and RNA within microorganisms. UV technology is widely used in hospitals, pharmacies, and commercial kitchens to kill airborne and surface microorganisms like mold and bacteria. Now homeowners can benefit from UV products, too.


3MT Respirators are lightweight, comfortable and easy to breathe through. Using expertise in filtration technologies and blown microfiber capabilities, 3M offers a family of respirators that meet workers needs for comfort and value.

Heat Recovery / Energy Recovery Ventilators

An ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) or an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) is a great way to fight poor indoor air quality by bringing fresh air into the home while also expelling stale air. IAQSOURCE.COM offers a great selection of HRV's and ERV's from several major manufacturers.