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Quiet-Vent Central Ventilation System Now Available

We are proud to introduce the Quiet-VentT Central Ventilation System.  This innovative product allows the homeowner to provide a ventilation solution to multiple areas in the home (bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, workshops) with just one, powerful fan. 

The Quiet-VentT is a central exhaust ventilation system that replaces noisy, low output and unreliable bath fans. With today's tight homes,  Quiet-VentT presents one of the best ways to eliminate pollutants (i.e. normal household chemicals, outgasing from construction materials, furniture and carpeting) by exhausting them out of the home. Quiet-Vent also can reduce humidity levels that otherwise lead to mildew in closets, condensation on windows, insulation and walls which, over just a few years, can cause costly damage.

As with any inline ventilation solution - the main blower is located away from the exhaust points.  This means one thing - QUIET ventilation.  Quiet-VentT is best located in a basement, utility room, or other conditioned space.  If Quiet-VentT and its ducting must be located in a unheated space in a cold climate, they should be insulated to prevent condensation from forming in the system.

The fan in the Quiet-VentT can operate at 2 speeds.  The low speed is activated by a 7-Day programmable timer.  This allows for continuous, low CFM ventilation at strategic times during the day  / week.  The fan can be boosted to high speed operation using any single pole switch (timer, dehumidistat, motion sensor, etc.).


(3) 4" Ventilation Inlets
(1) 6" Ventilation Inlet
(1) 6" Exhaust Port
(1) 7 Day Timer - allows you to run fan on low speed on a programmed basis (in 2 hour increments) for continuous ventilation
(4) Vibration-absorbing rubber straps for hanging from joists
Unit can be boosted to high speed by any single pole switch (timer recommended) for spot ventilation in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
Multiple switches can be located throughout the home and wired in parallel for high speed switching from multiple locations
Convenient service ports for access to wiring and blower screen (for cleaning)