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New Aprilaire 4000 Series Air Cleaners are Here!!

We are now stocking the new 4000 Series Whole-Home Air Cleaners from Aprilaire.  These new air cleaners represent an improvement on the VERY popular Aprilaire / Space-Gard air cleaners found in homes all over the US (models 2200 and 2400)

There are two models:

Aprilaire Model 4200 Media Air Cleaner - replacement filter model number 213

Aprilaire Model 4400 Media Air Cleaner  - replacement filter model number 413

These new models install in the same way as the old 2200 and 2400 air cleaners, in the return ductwork of your central HVAC system.  Aprilaire whole-home air cleaners are installed as part of your home's heating and cooling system. They clean the air by pulling it from every room in your home through the return ducts, filtering it and sending clean air back to your home.

So what's different about the new Aprilaire Air Cleaners?

  • MERV 13 Filtration - the new media used in these air cleaners represents an upgrade from the old media, which was rated MERV 10.  The new filter captures 76% of particulates down to 1 micron.   The filters last about 1 year.
  • EASY filter replacements - the new filters slide right in.  No more frustrating and time-consuming assembly and NO MORE PLEAT SPACERS
  • Narrow 6.75" cabinet for easy installation  - this means more to the installing contractor than the homeowner - but this means easy installation
  • Electronic control - this is probably the most significant change. We will discuss in detail below

How does the new Aprilaire Air Cleaner Control work?

There is no better air cleaning solution than installing a whole-home high efficiency air cleaner next to the air handler. Why?  Because the air from the ENTIRE home passes through the air cleaner through the HVAC ducting.  Many homeowners don't realize this - so they spend money on multiple portable air cleaners (a rapidly growing "market segment") for multiple rooms in the home.  Aprilaire conducted research with homeowners and discovered that when it came to air cleaners, active control and confidence were paramount. They developed the electronic control.  Mounted in the living space OR on the installed air cleaner, homeowners will feel confident in knowing that the air cleaner is working  to keep every room in the home clean and comfortable.

The electronic control interfaces with the HVAC system fan and your thermostat.  A whole house air cleaner like the model 4200 or 4400 is cleaning the air any time the fan is turned on.  By pressing a button on the control - you can force the system fan on (even if there is no call for heating or cooling). 

The electronic control will indicate whether or not the air cleaner is working (in other words, the fan is on).  It also keeps track of filter life and indicates when it's time to change the filter.  Finally, the control allows for several "active cleaning options" or modes of operation, which are:

Constant Cleaning: This option will provide the maximum amount of air cleaning available. The air cleaner will be active for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Automatic (30 min./hr): The air cleaner will run a minimum of 30 minutes every hour. The Air Cleaner Control will monitor the amount of time your heating and cooling system runs; if 30 minutes is not reached the Air Cleaner Control will automatically turn on the air cleaner. This will maximize the amount of air cleaning while minimizing energy consumption.
Event Clean (3 hour cycle): When selected, the air cleaner will run for 3 hours continuously and then turn off. This option only cleans the air when needed; an example would be after vacuuming.
Allergies (24 hour cycle): When seasonal allergies spike and outside air quality is at its worst, choose this option to run your air cleaner continuously for 24 hours then turn off.

The control can be installed in the living space (next to your thermostat) OR on the installed air cleaner