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Maintenance Instructions for Aprilaire/Chippewa Model 224

Maintenance Instructions for Aprilaire/Chippewa Model 224

1.       Note the humidistat setting and turn dial to the "OFF" position.

2.       Turn off water supply.

3.       Remove the three "Z" clips (1) that hold the top half of humidifier to furnace plenum.

4.       Slide off four closure clips (2&3) that hold the two humidifier halves together.

5.       Loosen compression fitting (4) on copper feed tube (5) and remove.

6.       Remove top screw holding sheet metal ductwork to humidifier.

7.       Remove top half of humidifier (lift straight up). Remove water distribution pan cover (6) and remove any mineral deposits from the "V" notches. DO NOT scrape off granular coating from the bottom. This textured surface helps ensure even water flow for maximum performance. If the granular coating has been removed, place several drops of liquid dishwashing soap on the distribution tray. This will only need to be done once if there is no granular coating.

8.       Remove Water Panel evaporator and scale control insert (if used).

9.       Remove Water Panel evaporator from scale control insert (if used). Clean scale control insert of mineral deposits. If scale control insert is not used, contact your dealer about obtaining one.

10.   Install a new Water Panel evaporator, with colored spot UP, in scaled control insert (if used), or directly into the humidifier if insert is not used. IMPORTANT: When installing scale control insert and Water Panel evaporator into the humidifier, the insert spout must discharge directly into the drain.

11.   Remove drain line (7) from the bottom of the humidifier. If applicable, flex it to loosen internal mineral deposits or blockages. Then flush it with water under pressure. If it does not properly clear, replace it. Slip drain line back onto the drain fitting. Make sure the drain line has a constant downward slope and is not flattened or blocked.

12.   Following Water Panel evaporator replacement and maintenance, reassemble humidifier.

13.   Turn on water supply.

14.   Check system operation: With the furnace blower operating and the furnace calling for heat, turn up humidistat and check system operation.

15.   Set humidistat to its original position.