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Energy Saving Tips & Products from IAQSource.com

IAQSource.com was founded to put the best indoor air quality products within reach of everyday people.  As it just so happens, we also carry a number of products that are smart energy saving choices.  As winter approaches, there is no better time to turn your home into a lean, mean, energy saving machine.  In this article we will share a number of energy saving tips, and guide you to products that will help keep your energy bills down and create a more comfortable home.

1.  Replace Your Furnace Filter

This is a big one that often gets overlooked by homeowners.  Furnace filters expire over the course of months, and the gradual impact on your air quality and energy bills may go unnoticed.  When your furnace filter becomes saturated with dust and allergens, it starts to restrict air-flow through your HVAC system.  This restriction forces the system to work harder and consume more electricity to move the same amount of air throughout your house.  Once the filter's surface area is completely covered it can no longer filter out new particles.  Those particles pass through the filter and either recirculate through your house, or collect on other parts of your HVAC system resulting in eventual and costly repairs.

IAQSource.com has become the national leader in furnace filter sales by offering the best prices, best selection, and best tools to help you find the right filter size.  Unlike other sites and "big box" retail stores who only carry the most popular sizes, we stock EVERY size, shape, and MERV rating.  In addition we offer a free Filter Change Reminder to help you keep track of when it is time to change your furnace filter.  If it's time for you to change your furnace filter, or stock up for the future, try our Filter Finder - it's the easiest way to find exact replacements for your furnace filter.

2.  Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you've spent any time researching energy saving tips online, you have no doubt seen programmable thermostats as a top suggestion.  A programmable thermostat can cut your heating & cooling bill by as much as 10%.  With a traditional thermostat you have to set the temperature manually anytime you want a different setting.  Often times people forget to do this when they go to bed, or go to work resulting in wasted energy as the heating & cooling system operates at full capacity with an empty or sleeping house.  A programmable thermostat allows you to program a schedule into the thermostat so it can automatically adjust the settings.  When you go to bed or leave for work the system can automatically switch to an energy saving mode, and then make the house comfortable in time for you to wake up or return from work. 

A common misconception among consumers is that programmable thermostats are difficult to install and/or operate.  IAQSource.com has designed a Thermostat Finder tool that makes it easy to figure out exactly which thermostats will work with your HVAC system (all you have to do is tell us which wires are connected to your existing thermostat, and we'll do the rest).  With the help of our Thermostat Installation Guide, installation is typically very safe and easy.  Advances in touch-screen thermostats and digital displays makes operating a programmable thermostat very easy.

IAQSource.com stocks a full line of programmable thermostats from major manufacturers such as Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Lux.  Try our Thermostat Finder to start saving on your heating & cooling bill today.

3.  Install Smart Switches In Your Bathrooms

Picture this common scenario:  you come home from work, and find that lights and fans have been running all day in your bathroom (sometimes you don't even venture into your bathroom until late at night!).  IAQSource.com carries a wide selection of timer and motion-sensing switches from Pass & Seymour.  These switches are drop-in replacements for standard on/off switches, are simple to install, and work great in bathrooms and closets where lights and fans are frequently or accidentally left running.

If you're interested in installing smart switches in your home, visit our Fan Controls and Switches section.

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