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Broan / NuTone Ultra Silent Fans are Here!

National Trade Supply is happy to announce the arrival of the new Broan / NuTone 
Ultra Silent Series Ventilation Fans. 

Normally found in the bathroom - these high-performance fans are designed to remove odor and moisture that can cause mold, mildew, rot and peeling wallpaper.  As the trend to larger spa-like bathrooms continues to gain in popularity, the need for proper ventilation becomes more important.

Broan / NuTone started from scratch when they designed the fans in this Ultra Silent series.   These fans are much quieter and much more powerful than their predecessors in the Broan / NuTone family.  These fans are also very easy to install and feature a redesigned hanger bar system that makes installation a snap.

For the ultimate product offering quiet and effective operation, we recommend the following models:

QTXE050 - this 50 CFM model is perfect for a small powder room and is virtually silent (.3 sones).  An EnergyStar rating means the fans uses 65% less energy, on average, than standard models and may qualify for local utility rebates.  The motor uses less power.  The blower wheel is larger and turns slowly, which insures extremely quiet operation.  The #1 reason for the high performance and low noise of the fan is the 6" duct connection.  This may also be the biggest challenge for a retrofit installation as most existing fan ducting is 4" or even 3" in diameter.  We feel it is well worth it to move to 6" fan ducting - as this well overcome most performance related-installation issues. 

QTXE080 - this 80 CFM (.3 Sones) has the same features as the QTXE050, but will service a larger space - like a medium-sized full bathroom (NOTE - click here for fan sizing information).  This fan also has a 6" duct connection.

Broan / Nutone takes the Ultra Silent fan to another level with several humidity-sensing models.  These fans have an onboard humidity sensor and turn on and off automatically to help prevent cosmetic and structural problems associated with excess moisture.  The exclusive Sensaire┬« technology is a perfect solution for high-traffic bathrooms, or a kid's bathroom. The QTXE110S fan has a 6" duct connection and is slightly quieter than the QTRE100S fan, which accepts a 4" duct.

If you are looking for a fan with all of the Ultra Slient features PLUS a heater AND lights - look at the QTX110HL.

If you are replacing an existing bath fan, and your duct runs are 4" - there are compatible models in the Ultra Silent fan family.  The models that include a 4" duct are:

QTRE080 - 80 CFM (0.8 sones)
QTRE110 - 110 CFM (1.3 sones)

As  you can see  - the penalty for ducting through a smaller duct is noise.  If you have questions about Broan / NuTone bath fans - please call us at 866-764-9900